January 18, 2024

Twenty-Nine Lessons

Today's my birthday! The big two-nine (not really that big) — so, here are 29 ideas that have stuck with me in my time on this big blue-green rock. (Inspired by @ugmonk's latest b-day email).

  1. You’re not special, choose humility.

  2. Be the first: To smile, say hi, or show interest.

  3. Sandwiches are the perfect lunch food.

  4. Get your hopes up. There’s always a chance.

  5. Everybody likes a quick email response.

  6. Save more for taxes than you think.

  7. Quiet success > loud fame

  8. Toss the Apple product boxes already.

  9. Having a kid reveals just how much time you waste.

  10. You just need one thing to work to change everything.

  11. Make peace with weaknesses, focus on strengths.

  12. People can only help if you let them know how.

  13. Empty calendar = peaceful life

  14. Inaction is the enemy, not competitors.

  15. Mastering the basics is worth the effort.

  16. In coffee roasts: Natural > washed

  17. Research, but don’t agonize.

  18. Feeling overwhelmed? Make a list to clear your thoughts.

  19. Figure out the stats that matter and ignore all the rest.

  20. If you haven’t worn it in 6 months, donate it.

  21. Buy a big water bottle and drink 1-2 per day.

  22. Attention is finite: Don’t give yours away lightly.

  23. You’re probably in a bubble. Get outside opinions.

  24. Think something nice about someone? Tell them.

  25. Critical thinking is a superpower.

  26. Push your tools to the limit before considering upgrading.

  27. Refuse to monetize hobbies if you actually enjoy them.

  28. Buy the expensive electric toothbrush, save your teeth.

  29. What you’re looking for is what you’ll find.

Aaron Rolston © 2099

Aaron Rolston © 2099