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Hey, I'm Aaron — non-award-winning developer, composing website templates for Squarespace (and Framer, soon) as Studio Mesa. I'm currently focused on building new website designs, optimizing my digital life, and writing about my creative journey as an entrepreneur. Read more about what I'm up to Now.

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Google Business Workspace domainates the custom email / online buisness tools space. But, what happens when you want to leave? Is it possible?

I've been enjoying Visual Electric's AI image generator lately, especially the "embroidery" setting.


In late 2023, I started a newsletter-based challenge called Hundred Daily where I sent 100-ish words via email, every day for a hundred days. The new plan is to transition to a weekly format that delivers the long-form posts I'm writing now. Subscribe now to be on the list when I start sending!

Aaron Rolston © 2099

Aaron Rolston © 2099