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Product studio portfolio

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I met Kevin Twohy through Twitter, and his reputation in the design community precedes him: Kevin is an incredibly talented, experienced, and well-connected in the startup world. You've almost assuredly heard of every brand he's worked with. I was thrilled when he approached me to build the debut site for his new creative practice, Twohy Design Works. In stark contrast with the all-too-common "snooty senior designer type", Kevin is truly a gem of a person. Right off the bat, his kind spirit and easy-going vibe made it clear he would be an excellent client.

Working with other designers is always a blast. Kevin designed the core of the site, laying out the individual pieces he wanted to showcase and crafting a flow that felt natural and consistent. This allowed me the space to jam on the little details that make the site sing, making it a fun but familiar experience to use. A "narrative format" is uncommon in portfolio sites, which makes it stand out — the detailed remembrance of his journey through design inspires me, and surely gives a valuable snapshot to potential clients of Kevin's thorough proficiency.‍

All-in-all, I wrapped up the development of the site in just two days (a new personal record!) and his announcement of the new biz was a smash hit on Twitter — and on One Page Love and Site Inspire where the site was featured shortly after.

"I've admired Aaron's work for a long time and I was thrilled to be able to work with him on the website for my design studio. He took an ambitious job and turned it around in record time with ease. He was also a fantastic partner and sounding board to make the end result better, weighing in on design, layout, structure, and copy. Aaron is also just a refreshingly optimistic person and loves what he does, which makes him really pleasant to work with. I look forward to hiring him again whenever I have the chance!"

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Aaron Rolston © 2099

Aaron Rolston © 2099