Updated Feb 21, 2024

This is a Now page, popularized by the author Derek Sivers. Instead of having an About page that shares stale, old-news facts about you, a Now Page aims to give a real-time glimpse into what you're working on right… now.

Ditching dark mode

I've always enjoyed the novelty of a color mode-switching website, but… it's time to keep things one way. Sticking with light mode because I feel it's easier to read, tidier, and simpler.

Wrapping up final client sites

I decided at the start of 2024 that I'd take at least 6 months off from new client work to focus entirely on building new templates and growing my personal brand online. But, I've had two projects that just can't seem to cross the finish line… getting there though!

(Finally) writing for myself

Adding a new Writing collection here to start writing long-ish-form posts (that I might share via email) to explore concepts that I care about.

Working with Summer Health

Summer Health is a startup that connects parents with pediatricians via text in under 15 minutes. I'm continuing to work with the lovely team to expand their website via SEO-focused content and new pages.

Aaron Rolston © 2099

Aaron Rolston © 2099