Updated August 21, 2023

Updated August 21, 2023

This is a Now page, popularized by the author Derek Sivers. Instead of having an About page that shares stale, old-news facts about you, a Now Page aims to give a real-time glimpse into what you're working on right… now.

→ Starting to write every day

I love writing, and truly think it's a critical part to succeeding as a creative on the internet. I've put off writing regularly for fear of not having something clear to say — but that apprehension is being put to rest through sheer quantity! I'm writing (at least) 100 words, every day for 100 days. Subscribe to read it!

→ Launching Template Shop

I've been itching to create my own marketplace for templates since the day I started making my own. There are already many that exist, but none that put the effort into curation — which I believe is the foundation of a great market.

→ Working with Summer Health

Summer Health is a new startup that connects parents with pediatricians via text in under 15 minutes. I'm partnering with them to develop a new website in Webflow that captures their important work more clearly (and beautifully).

→ Doing push-ups every day

In my early 20's I was able to do like 50+ push-ups consecutively. I want to get back to that level of stamina, and I'm using this app called Numbies that I discovered on Twitter to track my daily progress. The most I've been able to do in-a-row so far is 35… so we're getting there!

→ Daydreaming about relocating

It's been like 97ºF this last month here in Florida, and we're all roasting alive. I've truly had enough of this place, in more ways than one. But the questions always come next: Where is better, and why?

→ (Trying) to grow on Twitter

→ Translating my Squarespace templates for Framer

Aaron Rolston © 2099

Aaron Rolston © 2099

Aaron Rolston © 2099