Thanks > Thoughts

In lieu of tomorrow’s political ultimatum in the United States, I just wanted to remind you of a few things, first of all being…

It’s gonna be okay.

It’s easy to forget the blessing in our lives, especially when there are so many things to distract us from what really matters.

At the end of the day, Jesus still came and died for you and I, conquered death itself, rose to heaven, and still sits there today. The only time He left His throne was because He loved us enough to take the blow for something we deserved. He’s currently on the throne… still in power, still reigning over all existence, and still loves you more than you can even fathom. That’s a bit of perspective if I ever heard it…

I’ve found that when a person focuses on the things that they’re genuinely thankful for, it’s actually quite hard to remember what angers, frustrates, or even depresses them. Even with the seemingly crushing responsibility of electing a president, when a person chooses to think about what they’ve already been blessed with, there’s no room for hostility, worry, or stress. It doesn’t happen on accident, just as with most things in life… so even when it’s your natural reaction, or even your right to be angry, it’s always your choice in how you think about it.

Thanks are more powerful than thoughts.

I’d like for you to think of ten things that you’re thankful for, and write them down. 

Then, if any specific people are on that list, I want you to tell them that you’re thankful for them. Could be via text, but ideally, face to face — maybe you’re a regular encouraging machine (teach me your ways) and it’s super easy for you to make people feel loved. But if you’re anything like me… you’ve gotta really work hard to be proactive about loving people. It’s not easy, but so very worth it to go that extra mile to make someone feel valued, encouraged, and loved.

Here’s my list of thankfulness, just to get your gears turning:

  • The fact that I’m going to heaven.
  • The health and well-being of my family.
  • Friends that are steadfast and dependable.
  • The opportunity to do what I love on a daily basis.
  • Kind strangers that smile back.
  • That first sip of coffee.
  • The local church.
  • Technology, and the way it enriches our lives.
  • Really good hugs.
  • The mystery of the Holy Spirit.

There’s really nothing profound at all about anything I’m writing today. But I know that in my own heart, if I don’t choose to look to the Lord for what I’m thankful for, my humanity will be sucked into the darkness of this world by default. The election’s still gonna happen, someone’s will be elected President of the United States of America, and life will go on… it’s not worth letting a day’s worth of joy pass you by because you were too busy being angry at your “friends” for supporting a certain candidate. Do what you’d like, vote for who you want, and live how you wanna live… but know that Jesus loves you, and that you’re blessed beyond imagine because of it. That’s really what matters.

BIG IDEA: Thanks are more powerful than thoughts.

I pray that in this day, you are reminded of the goodness of Christ. No matter your place in life right now, His Word promises that He is ultimately powerful, entirely good, wise beyond measure, and the literal being of love. All things in this life, whether good or bad, bow at the name of Jesus. He’s never surprised at the wickedness in this world, though we might be… and though our reality is that of flesh and blood, our Creator reminds us that He’s taken care of us, even in the ways that we cannot see or anticipate. What a savior He is! I pray that you are encouraged in this day, and that you’ll focus on what really matters in this life. It’s so fleeting, and so fickle… but we needn’t worry, because our God has never failed us, and He never will. It’s in His character to win — let that lift your spirits in this day. I love you, and I’m glad you’re here reading this, but Jesus loves you more. Keep moving forward, friend.