Learning to Remember

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Through and through, I am a night person. 

It takes no effort for me to stay up half of the night, working tirelessly on a project, having an in-depth conversation, watching a movie, or a million other kinds of shenanigans. I don’t know the science behind it, but I feel like it’s just an inherent fact about some people, that they’re made for the night… or maybe it’s just the result of consuming too much coffee. I’m indifferent. But, I feel like I have more to work with at night… like, there’s the total culmination of that day’s victories and thoughts and ideas and emotions and conversations to create and bask in. My thoughts are focused, my creativity is heightened, my words feel more potent, and my emotions feel harnessed, for lack of a better word. There’s nothing holding me back from thinking, feeling, talking, and creating at my best. But then, as slumber occurs, and the night comes to an end…

Morning comes.

And it feels like starting back from zero. The previous night’s notions of genius and productivity seem to have vanished into thin air, and every ounce of seemingly sharpened mental capacity is nowhere to be found. Suddenly, that over-idealistic idea that “every day is a brand new day!” seems absolutely ludicrous… almost as crazy as it sounds to be a morning person. Being productive in the morning? Psshh, don’t be silly. I mean, it’s one thing to simply not hate life in the morning time… but a much different thing altogether to try to be efficient and focused and all of those lovely things that seem to be exclusively night time proficiencies. Through discipline, I think it’s possible to be both a night person and a morning person — I mean, that might just be called sleep deprivation, but it’s something that I wanna be able to do. Nonetheless… that feeling of comparative emptiness in the morning is something that I dread, and can’t quite seem to escape.

I’m convinced that most of our problems in life come down to awareness. When you’re aware of something, you change your reality to accompany what you know to be true. But when you’re not aware, how could you be expected to make proper adjustments? Example: If you’re not aware that one of the tail lights are out on your car, how would you know to change it? Our awareness in life increases daily — we learn to tie shoes, what color a stop sign is, how to bake cakes, how to save money, how to play guitar, how to drive… — life is our greatest teacher.

But, there are countless things that we simply haven't become aware of yet… like, I’m not a doctor because I haven't become aware of (and practiced) the necessary requirements and procedures and technicalities to be a doctor. That’s incredibly exciting to me. It’s pretty much infinite as to how many things you can learn and become aware of and practice. The robustness of life that you experience is up to you!

Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t.
— Bill Nye

But what about the things that we do know? I mean, I’ve been aware for my entire life that it’s not right to be rude to people. And yet, in a moment of sleep-deprivation and hunger, I may be incredibly rude to the person taking my order at Chipotle. Why is that?

It’s because we tend to easily forget things.

Like, super fast. Now, we’re not talking about phone numbers, names, where you put your keys, your cousin’s birthday, or your grocery list. No, we’re talking about important things here — we’re talking about the things that don’t really have a tangible value or even obvious, quantifiable daily importance. Things like identity, positivity, grace, love, prayer, kindness, authenticity, and faith. Unfortunately, it’s these really important things that we constantly forget. More than likely, we’re aware that these are really good things. Especially if you follow Jesus, you know that these are the things that you’re meant to exemplify on the daily. But if you’re at all human, your Christ-like attitude awareness won’t matter much unless you practice it — that’s the only way to avoid this dilemma.

We must learn to remember.

One of the hardest things for me to remember is to pray. Like, that’s a huge part of the faith that I claim to base my life upon, and yet, I forget to do it… EVERY DAY. Y’know how I’m changing that? By giving myself reminders. Every time I’m in the shower, I pray; Every time I cut the grass, I pray; Every time I see an ambulance on the road, I pray; Every time I tell somebody that I’m gonna pray for them, I pray. You have to take a spiritual practice and make it into a daily, physical practice. It’s not like they’re really separate to begin with, but you must learn to remind yourself of the things that are important to you within the normality of everyday life.

I mean, look in the Bible! When Joshua and the Israelites crossed the Jordan River with the Ark of the Covenant — after the Lord proved his faithfulness by stopping the waters from flowing so that they could cross — they were told to build a memorial. Joshua had twelve men, one from each tribe, grab a big rock from the middle of the riverbed and when they got to the other side to set up camp, stack em up. He also made a big stack of rocks right in the middle of the Jordan River (that stands tall to this day). They did this so that they’d remember what God did for them… and yet *sigh*, just a chapter later, they’d already forgotten! How much more do we need plain, simple reminders of the goodness of God?

That’s the truest reason as to why I prefer the night time over the morning— it’s given me the longest amount of time to properly remember what really matters. The sooner that you can start to remember the things that you’ve forgotten, the better your day is gonna be. After remembering, you change your actions. By chaining your actions, your reality is shifted and your life isn’t the same… But if you don’t remember? Nothing will change. Take the hard path of disciplining yourself to remember — I promise, it’s not a choice you’ll regret.

CHALLENGE: Find some aspect of life that you wanna remember daily, and designate reminders. Make them plain and apparent so you cannot miss em!

I pray that in this day, you remember the fact that you’re loved by the God who split seas, made stars, and breathed life into bones. If you’ve forgotten that grace is mightier than your worries, I hope that you find something or someone that will remind you. Whatever is troubling you right now, think back to when you first realized that there are greater things than what you can even see… when you realized that this life is fleeting, but eternity is forever. Let the Word of God refresh you and remind your soul of why you’re here — you’re not an accident, but rather, the most valued and loved creation of Christ. He died so the you could live… never forget that. Take heart in knowing that you’re not alone, and that there is so much beauty in this life, it’s just up to you to see it. I pray that you experience the Lord’s favor in this day, and that you remember what truly matters.