Biblical Reasons Not To Vote — PROOF!

Ah, you fell for the click-bait. 

There are no Biblical reasons not to vote. But, we are talking about politics, and in a different kind of way. Hopefully, you're still just as intrigued.

I’m so glad you’re involved in politics. Truly, I am. You probably wouldn’t have started reading this if you didn’t care at all, so well done. It’s so important for people, especially millennials to care at all about the politics in America. We will one day be the congressmen, businesspeople, representatives, and even presidents that have such a massive role to play in governing this country — we should know what we believe and why it matters! And to everyone else… you’ve got a bit more experience in this area than we do, so make sure to share what you know!

However. Just because you watch the debates, read a few articles about it, and post about it constantly on Facebook does not make you some kind of political enthusiast. I’ll be the first to admit that I am absolutely not the most qualified, passionate, or knowledgeable about politics in the United States. I probably fall into that category that I just described, though I don’t claim any expertise in the area. But the thing is, I’m writing this from a different perspective, and I hope the maybe you’ll see this thing a bit differently. 

I’ll just say it: This election is pretty lame. 

Historian I am not, but I do know that times have changed, and the era of truly revering presidency and even governmental leadership has nearly come to an end. Remember George Washington? Teddy Roosevelt? Abraham Lincoln? Or really just any president that we actually learned things from by studying their lives, not just tolerating their leadership and presidency? I so wish that were the case now… we would actually vote for somebody we believe in, rather than the person that just isn’t the contender. But here we are, and our lovely America faces probably one of the most polarizing and potentially calamitous choices we’ve ever encountered: Hillary or Donald?

It all sort of feels like a sick game, or a kind of elaborate scheme for some maniacal plot to throw America into disarray. I mean, I guess that’s just politics… but like, has it ever been this bad, really? Politics in particular have become such a messy thing, and if we’re being honest, we’re all just a little bit scared of the whole thing. It’s bigger than we can really fathom, it’s more complicated than we think, and it’s influence is deeper than we care to admit. But at the end of the day, does it really matter? Here’s the idea that I’d like you to consider:

Who you are as a person matters far more than your political standpoint.

Let me explain.

There are just some things in life that have a way of upsetting people’s humanity. Usually it’s in regards to the topics that are closest to people’s hearts, that when attacked, are a catalyst for uncharacteristic violence, hate, and discord. For example, if you had a miscarriage or abortion, you’re very sensitive and sympathetic to other women who have miscarriages or abortions. If you were once an orphan, you’re very aware of just how many people in the world are without families. If you have been under political oppression in another country, you’re quite sensitive to the state of border control and immigration. If you’ve been affected by any kind of hurt, you’re gonna be very aware of that hurt everywhere you go in life.

And the thing about candidacy, is that the people running take very extreme stances on issues in order to rouse your emotions. Donald and Hillary know that if they can get you to invest emotionally in what they think, they’ve practically secured your vote. But, inversely, when someone has an opposing perspective on an issue, that sudden, irrational hatred is awoken in people, and there are some nasty results of that.

I’ve seen comments like, “How can we vote at all when having to choose between satan and satan’s spawn?”


Even if these people aren’t the best political candidates ever, agree with your personal mantras, or are even decent people, let me remind you… they’re still people. People who are broken, flawed, liable to fail, and full of the deepest darkness. I am no better, and neither are you. We must be constantly reminded that we’re dealing with people here, and not deities, though some seem to think that they are.

People always trump politics. (Pun intended)

At what point does it become okay to hurl disgusting, hurtful, hateful words at another human being, regardless of stature or position? Just because Mr. Trump is never gonna see your silly Facebook rant about “how horrible he is and how he’s practically a rapist”, or whatever… doesn't mean that it doesn’t matter. You must be dearly careful with the things you say, because your words matter.

If you claim to follow Jesus, but are actively contributing to this atmosphere of hatred, shame on you. Do you think you’re entitled to say whatever you want to just because it’s “your right?” Jesus had all the right in the world to do, say, and be exactly as He wanted, but… “Instead, He chose to give up His divine privileges, He took the humble position of a slave, and was born as a human being.” (Philippians 2:6)

Whether you like the choices or not is a moot point — we are where we are, and you must choose to still pursue righteousness, even if it means laying down your opinions. Say someone who doesn’t follow Jesus sees your little Facebook tirade or hears how you talk about a person who could be our next president… what kind of perception of Christians are they gonna get? Whether you wanna believe it or not, the world is watching what Christ followers do down to the very detail — you must be aware that you’re not only representing your beliefs, but Christ, Himself.

*Slight topic change*

When it comes to the issues like abortion and gun laws and generally just the rights of people… if you don’t already care about and take action about these topics, why are you suddenly so concerned with them and what each candidate believes? They’re just figureheads with an agenda to fill and votes to win over by holding an opinion on these topics. I know you’re not gonna want to hear this, but… they really have hardly anything to do with these topics at all. It’s the local representatives and lawmakers that are gonna directly impact your life. To make it even simpler, what you do matters more than what they do. To quote Gandhi, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

It’s grand that you care about babies. It’s wonderful that you want this country to be safe and secure. It’s admirable that you even still wanna keep God in schools. But up until this very moment, have you really cared about any of those things enough to actually do something about them? Here’s a litmus test: If the lack of a candidate appealing to your preference is the first time since the last election that you’ve thought much about it, maybe you don’t really care that much about the matter.

But here’s yet another bombshell... 

Y’wanna know what’s more important than your vote? Your prayers.

Have you prayed for the outcome of this election? How about for Donald and Hillary, specifically? For their health, families, endeavors, and souls? What about for this country, the churches that inhabit it, and the souls that are currently on their way to Hell? What about your church? Your pastor? Your city? I don’t mean to sound brash or even accusatory, but seriously though. 

Prayer does not equip us for the greater work — prayer is the greater work.
— Oswald Chambers

I’m no champion of the faith or modern day prophet, but… I want to be. I wanna be the very best disciple of Christ that I can be, and by the power of he Holy Spirit, I believe that I truly can live a live that’s worthy of the calling that Christ has placed on my life (Ephesians 4:1). That means praying like crazy, doing the things the Jesus did, not doing the things Jesus said not to do, and truly living a life of love and compassion. I not only believe that it’s possible, but I believe that it’s necessary in this journey on earth. I’m far from perfect, but you’d better believe that it’s my life goal to be like Christ, including in the way that I approach politics and other cultural issues.

Here’s what I know to be true: Nothing supernatural happened in the Bible without prayer. No amount of political jargon, debates, heated conversations, or opinions can change the state of this country as much as prayer can. 

Frankly, I couldn’t care less about your political opinion. But, I care a whole lot about your soul. Jesus chose to rise above the political riffraff of the day and heal a blind man on the Sabbath, even though the Pharisees were livid about his peaceful, political insurrection. The agenda Jesus held is one that I wanna cling dearly to, and that’s to care far more deeply about people than the laws or culture or issues that surround us. I hope that in some way, maybe this small bit of rhetoric might stir your heart and cause you to see this election from more of a humanity-based position, rather than solely politically. I’m not gonna tell you how to vote — in all honesty, I’m still figuring out for myself what exactly I’m gonna do. But thankfully, life goes on and the Lord is faithful. There’s no need to be consumed by this season and this decision. There’s much healing to be done in this land, and it starts with you.

May it be on earth at is it in heaven, and God bless America.

BIG IDEA: Who you are as a person matters far more than your vote.

I pray that in this day, you are transformed by the renewing of your mind. That the Lord will give you eternal perspective on this very carnal, fleeting matter such as politics. There’s much more at stake here than our leisure, rights, and way of living — we’re dealing with things that are unseen, not just flesh and blood. I pray that you’re encouraged by this post, and that you’ll take every measure to live a life that’s truly, earnestly, whole-heartedly pursuing Christ. If you’re not, let this be your commission to do so… and know that the grace of God is sufficient for EVERY person. If he can redeem me, I believe that he can redeem anyone. I hope that you’ll not easily be satisfied with what culture offers, but will always be desperately seeking truth and wisdom in these dark times. There’s still hope, and His name is Jesus. Let Him guide you in this day, and allow Him to heal the things in you that you’re afraid to admit are there. You’re loved beyond anything you can imagine, and the God who crafted the stars sees you and knows you. Go in peace today, full of grace and light. I love you, friend. Keep moving forward.